Supported Independent Living – What is a Roster of Care?

If one of your goals is to live more independently, Supported Independent Living (SIL) can provide you with the supports to either live independently in your own home or in a shared home with other people.

Supported Independent Living provides support to allow you to be more independent and learn new skills in a home living environment.  This might include daily support with tasks including personal care, or household tasks including shopping.

NDIS will only approve a SIL funding package for you if SIL supports are considered reasonable and necessary for your individual needs, and before they will approve your SIL budget, your provider will need to develop a Roster of Care. 


What is a Roster of Care (RoC)?

A Roster of Care is a weekly schedule that outlines how supports will be shared across each member of a SIL household over a week.  It includes the number of hours and support workers each person will have each day, in 30 minute blocks.

The Roster of Care is typically completed by your SIL provider in consultation with either the participant or their nominee.  The NDIA uses this information to gain an insight into what a typical week may look like for each SIL participant.

Once your Roster of Care is completed, it is then assessed.  The NDIA will consider what reasonable and necessary support funding is appropriate.  NDIA will check for changes to previous Rosters of Care, identify any errors and ensure costs do not exceed limits set by the NDIS Price Guide.

The roster of care submission is only one of the pieces of information the NDIA uses to help determine the right amount of funding.  Once the Roster of Care and your NDIS Plan are approved, the SIL budget is released into your plan and your SIL provider can claim funds for supports they provide.

 For more information on Roster of Care submissions, including links to the SIL Roster of Care submission template and Guide to using the Provider Roster of Care tool, please visit the NDIS website.

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