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Our People

Nextt would not be where it is now without our amazing staff.

We are constantly on the lookout for more individuals to join our Nextt community.

Everyday across Australia our staff are in the community are supporting a wide range of people to get more out of life.

Our front-line client-facing staff are amongst a wonderful and supportive team who provide the best service possible for our clients. The teams at Nextt include Customer Service Consultants, Service Delivery Managers, Finance, IT and People and Culture, all working collaboratively to support our staff and client needs.

What you can expect when working at Nextt

Part of a Community

At Nextt, we have over 1,000 staff across Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria and South Australia. Positions range from office based to field support workers. We are a strong community of people with a common focus – making a difference in people’s lives.

  • Nextt Community – our online communication portal allows all workers to communicate with each other and access information.
  • Support – you are only a phone call away from our off based team including the Head of Employee Services who collectively will ensure that you and our client’s safety is the number one priority.

Diverse and inclusive culture

The wonderful staff in our Nextt Community are broad-based and varied:

  • Our people come from over 27 nationalities
  • Over 85% of our people are women
  • We embrace older employees – over 50% of our people are aged greater than 50 years
  • 61% of our people have worked for the company for our 5 years

Over 92% of our people state that their major motivation for working with us is the opportunity to make a difference in our clients' lives.

Training and Career Development

We set you up for success through having the right and current knowledge and skills:

  • Online access to training modules and webinars
  • Periodic face-to-face training
  • Opportunities for career progression within Nextt

Benefits and rewards

  • You will work closely with clients of all ages and their families making a difference to their lives
  • You will have access to a wide ranging benefits program
  • We offer you special staff arrangements for family member requiring support


Meet two of our incredible support workers ...

Kim Dillon

Kim had recently moved to a new hometown with her four children when she came across an ad in the newspaper advertising jobs to work at Nextt. It sparked an interest in Kim who enquired but informed Nextt that she was limited with her hours due to her last child starting kindergarten and her other three still in primary school. Kim considered herself luckily having secured a job as a community support worker providing assistance to clients varying from In-Homecare, Respite, Personal Care and Transport. Kim was able to work flexible hours which for Kim, proved to be an ideal working arrangement.

Bring part of a team who collectively work to allow clients to remain in their homes for as long as possible is important and rewarding to Kim. She gives her client’s families a peace of mind that there is someone to support and care for their loved ones. Kim’s good sense of humor and hard working attitude lets her develop an instant rapport when meeting clients for the first time. Being patient, trustworthy, positive and always on time are some strong qualities Kim displays, making Kim well admired amongst clients. She is able to make clients feel comfortable around her and at ease.

Raising four children and two dogs with her husband, Kim takes pride in herself in doing the best job at home and at work. Clients speak of Kim fondly and with warmth and respect. When Kim is not working, you will find her off making her way to the local markets or travelling to her childhood holiday destination with her family.

Kim Dillon

Elaine Irby

Elaine Irby

Elaine started working with Quality in Home back in 1999 which was then bought out by Nextt.  She worked as a full time support worker before going part time to care for her husband.

About four years ago, Nextt saw great potential in Elaine and offered to train her as an on call consultant allowing her to work from home. Elaine appreciates this role as it allows her to continue to talk to clients and get to know the support workers. Clients who ring are surprised to talk to a real, helpful and lovely person like Elaine and not a machine. Elaine has and continues to learn within the role and enjoys coming into the Nextt office when necessary. She is patient and understanding of our support workers and clients’ needs. Her encouraging, caring, friendly nature and her readiness to listen allows support workers to feel comfortable when contacting her.

When Elaine is not working, she can be found cross stitching or tapestry stitching at her on site van at Maldon with a cup of tea by her side.  She enjoys going to the movies and loves spending time with her four supportive children and her six beautiful grandchildren.

Nextt is proud to have such incredible and hard working staff like Kim and Elaine within our community.

Join our Nextt community by visiting our Careers page.

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