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NDIS Approved Capacity Building Programs

NDIS capacity building supports are services that help people develop the skills they need to lead happy, independent lives. At Nextt, we pride ourselves on getting to know you inside-out, so that we can work together harmoniously and effectively to plan your individual capacity building NDIS-funded programs. We also seek to ensure that you’re getting all the help you need along the way to reach your individual goals.

What is NDIS Capacity Building?

The NDIS funding model is based on a capacity building framework and approach. Capacity building is the process that sees individuals develop their skills and abilities in different areas of daily life, enabling them to perform different self-care functions, solve problems, set and achieve objectives, and understand their developmental needs. This approach to the provision of disability services shifts from a needs-based model to a strength-building model, empowering participants to become lifelong learners.

What kinds of activities does capacity building involve?

Focusing on developing self-care skills, communication skills and contributing to the household and community, capacity building aims to help participants lead independent lives and better participate in society.

There are many capacity building programs that are funded by the NDIS. As every NDIS participant has their own unique goals that they’re working towards, what their individual program looks like – and what support the NDIS provides – will vary from person to person.

Capacity building can cover a range of skill building programs, including:

Learning how to cook

Learning how to catch public transport

Learning how to bathe oneself

Learning how to dress oneself

Learning how to keep a house

Building social skills

Developing a daily routine

Understanding personal safety

Working towards employment

When do capacity building programs run?

Our capacity building programs are flexible, working around the timetable of each and every participant and taking into the considering the type of support they need, at the frequency and intensity that they need.

As many of the primary goals of capacity building programs is to develop self-care skills, our Nextt therapists help participants build morning and afternoon routines, which involve preparing and eating meals, bathing and dressing oneself and preparing for the upcoming day.

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The Nextt team is full of highlyqualified professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds, including social work, allied health, mental health,disability support, working with families, dual diagnosis and autism.

If you’d like to find out more about capacity building NDIS programs at Nextt, call uson 1300 369 568 . Alternatively, click here to fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.