Key Features to Look Out for When Choosing a SIL Home

Has the time come to find a new home using Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding? If you or someone you care for is ready to find their independence and move out, here is what you need to consider when searching for the perfect SIL property:

Who are your housemates?

Most people who use their SIL funding to live independently are likely to move into shared housing. If you are moving into shared accommodation, you will need to consider who your housemates are and the atmosphere of the space.

At Nextt, our SIL team take the time to get to know each client to match them with the right people who share similar personalities, interests, and goals.

What are the key features of the property?

Another important aspect to consider is the house itself. You will need to thoroughly inspect the property to make sure that is suits your needs and expectations. Things to look out for include:

  • What the outdoor space is like.
  • If the house suits your particular needs.
  • The amount of shared living areas and bathrooms.
  • The condition of the house, for example is it cleaned and well-maintained?
  • What the bedrooms are like, for example, do they have built in wardrobes?
  • Does the property have easy access to a range of local services such as medical, transport and shopping?
  • The privacy and security of the property.

Where to find your new SIL home

You can find your new home through a range of websites that provide information on disability housing options including the Housing Hub and Nest. These organisations list both SDA and SIL vacancies that are currently available, and they also highlight local services.

Find a home with Nextt

At Nextt, have a strong focus on matching people who choose to live together and locating a home that suits each individuals needs and requirements.

We will support you during all areas of life including daily living skills, self-care, home and financial management, education support, employment support, social and spiritual events, activities, and groups.

You can start searching our Supported Independent Living Vacancies right now. Our team will support you the whole time to ensure a smoothed and individualised transition.

If you have any further questions on how we can support you, contact us on 1300 369 568, our friendly team are always available to answer any queries.