Working as a NDIS support worker: What you can expect from the role

Are you thinking about a career in disability support? Starting a career as a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) disability support worker can be an extremely rewarding career path, where you will make a wonderful impact and add value to people’s lives.

According to the Australian Government Labour Market Information portal, healthcare and social assistance is currently the largest employment sector within Australia accounting for approximately 15% of the total workforce. If you are searching for a long-term career in a job that can lead to new opportunities, Disability Support Work is a great path to follow.

So, what can you expect from the role?

The greatest thing about working as a support worker is that no two days are ever the same. The day-to-day role of a support worker differs depending on the needs of the person they are supporting. This may include helping someone carry out their daily tasks to take care of themselves, teaching new skills, providing emotional support, and ensuring that they are living a fulfilled life.

Some of the duties and tasks you will do include:

  • Assisting people with daily living, focusing on self-care
  • Supporting clients to develop skills and participate in community activities.
  • Facilitating daily personal hygiene and dressing tasks.
  • Performing home based tasks such as cooking and housework.
  • Implementing a client-centred approach in delivering support and services.
  • Providing community access to clients to improve confidence and social skills,
  • Assistance with manual handling tasks.
  • Providing friendship and emotional support.
  • Working with other healthcare professionals to ensure that all care needs meet the highest possible standards.

The flexibility of this role stands out to many people, as you are able to work on both weekdays and weekends, and in the evening depending on the needs of the client, and your personal lifestyle. As a Nextt support worker, you will receive regular ongoing work with participants who match your skills and interests. We pride ourselves on our supportive environment and professional team that believes in constant improvement and self-development.

What training is offered?

At Nextt, our support workers are provided with a wide range of training to develop the core skills needed to deliver service excellence in their role, this includes:

  • Foundational skills training.
  • Work safety training.
  • Restrictive practices training.
  • Complex behaviour training.
  • Negotiation training.

Is there opportunity for career progression?

In the disability services industry, there is a lot of room for career progression. When you join our team at Nextt, you work in a flexible, supportive environment that invests heavily in the ongoing training and accreditation of our talented people.

Nextt has a range of ongoing opportunities to build your career. Visit our careers page to see our current roles available.

For more information on joining our disability support worker team, download our free guide, or contact us on 1300 576 097 and receive advice from one of our friendly team members.