NDIS Capacity Building Supports Explained

Are you unsure on how to use your NDIS plan funding to achieve your goals? At Nextt we are devoted to help you navigate your NDIS plan like a pro by understanding your Capacity Building Supports and how they can assist you on your NDIS journey.

What are NDIS Capacity Building Supports? 

Capacity building supports are those that help you build skills and independence in your daily life and support you in pursuing your goals. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will assess your individual needs and your short and long-term goals during a planning meeting. This will help distinguish the key Capacity Building Supports that may need to be funded.

What Capacity Building Supports are available?

The Capacity Building Supports are broken down into nine categories, these include:

  1. NDIS Support Coordination
    A fixed amount of funding from the NDIS that can be used the engage a Support Coordinator that can help you connect with and implement your plan, this includes accessing services and supports, and using your funding.
  2. Improved Living Arrangements
    Supports you with finding our own accommodation and supports you to maintain the most appropriate living space suited to your unique needs.
  3. Increased Social and Community Participation
    Assists you with the training and development of life skills that help with community participation, and with recreational and social activities.
  4. Finding and Keeping a Job

Assists you in finding and maintaining employment. This funding can also be used for job related training, support, and assessments.

  1. Improved Relationships
    Helps you build positive behavioural strategies to better personal interactions with the people you are close with, and the wider community.
  2. Improved Health and Wellbeing

Supports you in activities that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as diet and exercise. You will learn how to stay healthy by keeping active and eating nutritious meals.

  1. Improved Daily Living
    Provides funding for therapy and training to help in the develop of, or to improve skills needed to live independently and increase community participation.
  2. Improved Learning
    Supports you with training and advice to help you transition from school into higher education, such as university or TAFE.
  3. Improved Life Choices

Will help you manage your finances and use your funding and money appropriately.

NDIS capacity building programs grow the capabilities and skills of participants, as they better prepare participants for real life.

For further information on capacity building programs, and what they mean for you, contact the Nextt team today, on 1300 369 568.