Jason represents Nextt at Melbourne Disability Expo

Jason, one of our amazing clients from Victoria, recently represented Nextt at the Melbourne Disability Expo, where he discussed how we are supporting him to get more out of life. 

Jason’s story highlights some of the great work we are doing with INDIE, where we capture client goals and support clients to achieve them. 

Jason’s goals are:

  • I want to be lean and fit
  • I want to get out in the community more
  • I want to work on my hobbies more and eventually perform live music
  • I would like to build my skills to be self employed

With the support of our local service team, Jason has been attending sewing classes on Fridays, exercise physiology on Wednesdays and he tops it all off with regular band practice. This has helped him stay motivated and well on track to achieving his goals. 

Jason has also recently started his own fashion label!

Check out this video of him showing off his latest fashion line and playing his saxophone at the expo. 

This is another great example of how our service teams are making a measurable difference in our client’s lives!