Is Supported Independent Living Right for You?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a type of support that helps you live independently in your own home, often in a shared arrangement, especially if you need some level of support at home all the time. Everyone who gets SIL is funded individually, based on the amount of support that you need.

So, how do you know if SIL is the best option for you?

Supported Independent Living is best suited for people living with disability who have higher support needs. This means you may need a significant amount of help throughout the day, as well as overnight support.  SIL includes the help or supervision with daily tasks, such as personal care, or cooking meals. Our support workers will assist you to live as independently as possible, while building your skills.

To ensure you receive the right supports and funding, NDIS encourages people  to complete a Home and Living support application, have an assessment by an OT and/or access support to apply through you support coordinator to apply. This provides the NDIS with the information about your current and future home and living goals, as well as your support needs, and will help them decide what home and living supports can be funded.

When deciding if SIL is necessary for you, NDIS will take under consideration:

  • How old you are,
  • How much support you need in your home every day, and
  • If you meet the NDIS funding criteria. Nextt can support you to determine your eligibility for funding.

Supported Independent Living at Nextt

Once the NDIS has deemed determined SIL to be the right option for you, our team at Nextt will work with you to find an accommodation and support solution that best suits your needs.

Our SIL team will take the time to know you, and if you are going to be sharing with others, carefully match you with the right people who share similar interests, personalities, and goals.

We also have a strong focus on locating a home in a location and with features that suits each individuals needs and requirements.

For more information on Nextt’s supported independent living options, click here. Or to view our SIL vacancies, click here. Or please call us on 1300 369 568 for further information on Nextt’s range of disability services.