Our Service Model

Service Model

Our Service Model

Nextt’s service delivery model places our clients at the core of our service, surrounded by families and carers. 


At Nextt, we share a common vision, to help our clients to “get more out of life”. 

For us, this means making a measurable difference in our client’s lives; being clear and accountable; and continually tracking our progress to ensure our services are truly making a meaningful difference.

To achieve this vision, it’s important to understand the unique needs and goals of each individual client, and to tailor to our services and support accordingly. This may involve providing personalised care and support, offering resources and tools to help clients achieve their goals, and collaborating with other professionals and caregivers to ensure holistic and coordinated care.

It’s also important to prioritise empathy, compassion, and respect in all interactions with our clients, recognising that each person is unique and deserving of individualised attention and care. By embodying these values and working towards our shared vision, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and help them to truly “get more out of life.”

Our service model

The way we support our client’s to achieve their goals is through our service delivery model.

Nextt’s service delivery model places our clients at the core of our service, surrounded by families and carers.

Our service model is built around three key principles:  dedicated service; regular engagement; and consistent standards.

Dedicated service:  we’ve centralised non-face-to-face and administrative tasks to free up our local teams and enable them to engage more regularly with our clients and support staff.

Regular engagement: we’ve developed a schedule of regular client engagement which allows us to have more meaningful conversations to understand our client’s individual needs, capture their goals and measure their progress towards reaching their goals.

Consistent standards:  we’ve built our own client service platform INDIE to make sure our processes are clear and consistent across the business.

This framework enables Nextt to be nimble enough to quickly adapt to any changes while providing the stability and processes of a larger organisation.

Supported Independent Living
Ndis Specialist Support Coordination

Our INDIE platform

Our Nextt INDIE platform was designed to help deliver better results and services to our clients.

INDIE provides an end-to-end view of NDIS clients, capturing their goals and providing a summary of the support services’ effectiveness in achieving those goals. INDIE covers the full engagement process, from assessment to reviews, and provides tools for ongoing quality management. The platform provides transparency, deeper data on goals, and a more efficient level of service for our clients.

Nextt INDIE encourages clients to regularly self-assess and proactively monitor their progress and circumstances, helping to deliver measurable improvements in their quality of life.

Nextt INDIE helps us to better achieve our mission of helping customers “get more out of life.”

Our client goals

What do our clients want from life? We have categorised our client’s individual goals into eight domains which are based on the NDIS goal domains.  Categorising our client’s goals in this way, helps us to understand the types of goals that are most important to our clients.  It enables us to provide more focus where we can provide the most value to our clients.


They include:

Independent Living


Daily Living Skills

Learning and Education

Social participation

Personal wellbeing


Hobbies and interests


Self-esteem and mental health

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