Community Access


Community Access

Nextt can assist you with Social and Community Participation, helping you access NDIS funding for engaging activities, building social connections, and exploring new opportunities.


Our team is here to support you to access various community access activities and locations that align with your interests and aspirations.

Whether it’s exploring local parks, attending events, visiting museums, or spending quality
time in a cozy café, we’re committed to making each outing a joyful and fulfilling experience.

We understand that community access is not just about getting out and about – it’s about enhancing your social connections and building a sense of belonging.

Our caring support workers are there to provide companionship, assistance, and encouragement, ensuring you feel supported and included throughout your community ventures.


At Nextt, we prioritise your safety and wellbeing.

Our staff members are trained to handle any challenges that may arise during
community outings, and we work closely with you to develop personalised strategies that
promote independence and confidence.

With Nextt’s community access support, you’ll have the freedom to explore your local
surroundings, engage in recreational activities, and nurture meaningful relationships.

Let Nextt be your partner in unlocking access to your community. Contact us today to
embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and endless possibilities.

Together, we’ll create lasting memories and make your community dreams a reality.

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Connecting with social and community activities can help you feel more included, build your social skills, and improve your social and emotional wellbeing. Social and community activities can mean different things for different people and may include:

visiting your friends and family

going out to the movies or to a concert

going places for fun, like shopping or visiting a museum

active hobbies, like bike riding or dancing

playing sport, like tennis or basketball

learning new skills like art classes

What support options are available?
Person-centred approach

Help from your NDIS planner, local area coordinator, support coordinator, psychosocial recovery coach, or other professionals you are working with should match your needs. 

Support worker services

Help from skilled support workers to link you with participation opportunities that build on your existing skills and strengths.

Community groups

Participating in community groups like a sport club, youth group, hobby group, community support group, religious group, or political groups 

Physical activity

Participating in physical activity that may include things like physical fitness programs, exercise or lifestyle programs, or sports training such as soccer or yoga 

Art, drama and music classes

Participating in art, drama and music classes that may include creating and selling artwork, presenting art, or drama and music at community performances 

Local programs

Programs that help you engage with the environment like feeding and grooming animals or community gardening projects 

Introducing Nextt Indie

A first of its kind in Australia, the Nextt Indie platform gives us the tools that we need to capture your goals and measure your progress in meeting them.

It’s a platform that allows us to improve our effectiveness in the NDIS core supports that we provide, and know when (and if) we need to alter the level of service – such as the core support budget – that we provide.

Nextt Indie is a point of difference to Nextt that helps us support you to get more out of life.

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The Nextt team is full of highly qualified professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds, including social work, allied health, mental health, disability support, working with families, dual diagnosis and autism.

To find out more about Social and community participation programs at Nextt, or how we can help you coordinate community access programs that suit you, call us on 1300 369 568 or fill in an enquiry form below.

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