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Speech Pathologists in Newcastle – Communication Access is Communication for all

Speech Pathologists in Newcastle – Communication Access is Communication for all
Being able to communicate, not only your basic needs, but also share your thoughts and exchange ideas is a very powerful and important skill. Every day we communicate with the people around us in a variety of different ways. We communicate in person using our voice, facial expressions, gestures, body language and tone of voice. More and more we communicate electronically via phone, text, email and social media.


Communication is a basic human right and one of the most important things we do each day. It allows us to have our needs met, to learn and to teach, to plan and to create and to build connections with people. Imagine if you were not able to communicate with the people around you. You might feel frustrated, isolated or misunderstood and this could lead to feelings of anger or the need to change your behaviour in order to get your message across.


The theme of Speech Pathology Week [August 19-25, 2018] this year is ‘Communication Access is Communication for all’. This theme captures the idea that we can create a community where everyone can get their message across by making communication accessible to everyone. Communication, by definition, is a two-way process. When communicating with people with communication difficulties, we can make communication accessible by modifying the messages we send (verbally, written or by other means), as well as supporting people with communication difficulties to send clear messages.


Speech pathologists play a vital role in making communication accessible. Nextt has an excellent team of speech pathologists in Newcastle and the Hunter region who can provide speech pathology services to children and adults, including NDIS participants. Our speech pathologists in Newcastle will diagnose and treat delays and disorders of speech, language, fluency (stuttering) and voice that pose a barrier to successful communication. Katie from Nextt states: “Speech and language therapy can assist all members of our community to have the opportunity and means to meaningfully engage in their community.”


Our team of Speech Pathologists in Newcastle can help you with:
  • Delayed or disordered language; understanding and use of language
  • Speech sound difficulties
  • Communication difficulties secondary to ASD or developmental delay
  • Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC); including Key Word Sign (KWS) and voice output systems
  • Early communication and play skills
  • Social skills
  • Fluency (stuttering)


Call Katie, one of our experienced Speech Pathologists in Newcastle, for more information on 1300 369 568. Alternatively fill in an enquiry form and we’ll contact you.