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We tailor all of our services to help our clients reach their goals with the support they need. Meet some of our amazing clients and hear what they have to say about being with Nextt.


Jack has had many challenges with his mental health over the years. With the help of Nextt, he has managed to conquer some of his struggles and get back out into the community.

Watch the video to learn more about his story.


By choosing Nextt for support coordination and speech therapy, Lachlan is improving his communication skills, living independently and getting more out of life.

Watch the video to meet Lachlan.



Angus shares his journey with Nextt Dolleina.

Watch the video to hear his story.


Ken from Ballarat is 56 years old who had a massive stroke a few years ago paralysing the left side of his body: "I had to learn how to talk, walk and I am still learning how to control some parts of my body.”

Ken transitioned from a different home to the Webster St House in Ballarat and absolutely loves it.

He is a lot more himself and relaxed. He is more confident in himself and able to put his ideas forward as well as engaging in conversations with other people.

Ken has a great team of support workers who love working with him and appreciate his witty humour. Nextt have played a large role in helping Ken become more independent and to get more out of life.

Watch the video to meet Ken.

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