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Nextt Is On TV! Doing Good Things For The Community

Nextt Is On TV! Doing Good Things For The Community

A report on Channel 10 News has highlighted the reason that we do what we do; it is thanks to Nextt that a couple that has been married for six decades is able to continue to live together.
But at the same time friends and family will often want help. And that’s where we come in, offering in home disability services around the country; specifically, in home disability services Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and a number of regional areas. What sets our services apart is that we approach each individual as just that – an individual.With one suffering from dementia, and the other surviving leukemia, the couple highlighted in the report (which you can watch in full below) needed additional, daily help in order to continue to live independently together. The alternative was an aged care home, but when the two spent a brief period of time living in one of those, they ended up separated for their respective treatments for far too long.
After sixty years of marriage it can hardly be a surprise that a couple would want to remain comfortable by being close to one another and living together, and being able to enable them to do that is what has really driven the entire team at Nextt. The services that we provide have helped many Australians remain comfortable and among their family, friends, pets, and other things important to them through their twilight years.

“I really admire and am touched by the way they take care of each other, and they enjoy each other’s company,” – Anna Murescu, from Nextt Care, said in an interview for the video. “It’s really a great lesson for me.”

Nextt services range the full gamut, from housecleaning and providing transportation, through to assistance with shopping, meal preparation, medication, and any other services that a person – or couple – need to be able to continue to live in their own home and with their own family.

More than anything, it’s about providing care and services that provide dignity and respect to patients. If you know of someone in your family or social circle who would benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with our friendly team.