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NDIS Specialist Support Coordination& your Specialist Support Coordinator (NDIS)

At Nextt, we know that everybody has their own strengths and areas they want to develop, so every person’s NDIS journey is unique. When you partner with Nextt to build your individual NDIS plan, we take the time to understand your personal goals and needs. In doing this, we ensure that we can offer you quality NDIS specialist support coordination services, should they apply to you and your situation. We also do our best to match you to the most appropriate specialist support coordinator (NDIS), ensuring you have the best teammate to work alongside you in achieving your unique NDIS goals.


What’s the difference between a support coordinator and a specialist support coordinator NDIS?

According to the NDIS, support coordinators and specialist support coordinators function in a similar way, but look after different categories of support.While NDIS support coordinators will help you plan and implement your capacity building programs, in-home supports and community inclusion programs, a specialist support coordinator (NDIS) will help if you have additional or more complex needs that can be funded by the NDIS. Some of these needs could include:

  • Psychological and mental health support
  • Ongoing support from a social worker
  • Accessing health, education or justice services

At Nextt, our experienced team can facilitate both regular NDIS support coordination and NDIS specialist support coordination, depending on what’s right for you and your unique situation.

What can a Nextt specialist support coordinator (NDIS) do for you?

Our Nextt team can help facilitate NDIS specialist support coordination in the following areas:

Assist you in building your NDIS individualised plan

Help you understand what special supports you are entitled to under the NDIS

Help you gain funding to cover your special supports

Work with you to access health, education and justice services

Ensure you have the specialised services that you need

Assist in planning or booking appointments that pertain to your special supports

Work with you to achieve your outcomes