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Independent Living

Nextt provides a range of independent living support and assistance for people living in their own home or a shared home.

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If you are aged 18 – 65 and have autism, a disability or face mental health challenges, we will take the time to talk to you about the Independent Living program and the kind of support we can offer you.

Why join our Independent Living program?

It enables you to have flexible and tailored support which:

  • Enhances your skill development
  • Builds your independence
  • Allows you to connect and interact within your local community

In Home Support

Nextt also offers in home support options to assist you with developing new skills and to increase your confidence in living independently in your own home.

You will work with a member of the Nextt team on your own accord to develop a tailored Independent Living program suited for you.

The focus of an in home support includes:

  • Build your independence within your home
  • Participate and connect with others within your community
  • Explore opportunities for learning and development including employment support
  • Creating goals
  • Develop independent living skills that can be applied to living environments and in stressful situations
  • Actively participate in the development of your individual plan to build skills and manage your own needs

Sharing Living Support

Supported independent living offers the opportunity for you to live with other people whilst receiving the tailored support you require to develop independent living skills.

The focus of a shared living support will allow you to:

  • Live in a home where your security, safety and comfort is priority.
  • Enjoy your privacy, freedom and personal choice in your home and within the community you live.
  • Develop independent living skills that will enable you to self identify and to successfully manage your own safety and wellbeing at home.
  • Contribute and have meaning in all areas of life including: Daily living skills, Self Care, Home and Financial Management, Education Support, Employment Support, Social and Spiritual events, activities and groups.

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Our services are available across the country. Wherever you might need support with independent living: Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, or any of the other major cities throughout Australia, we are there to help.

Speak with one of our experts for more information on 1300 369 568

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