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In focus: the In home disability services available to you

In focus: the In home disability services available to you

People who live with disabilities want to continue to live at home wherever possible, where it is most comfortable and stress-free.

In order to help families manage this, it’s important to know the kind of support that’s available to you. The vast majority of people with disabilities are cared for at home, and are looked after by friends and family, and for the most part this will be perfectly manageable.

But at the same time friends and family will often want help. And that’s where we come in, offering in home disability services around the country; specifically, in home disability services Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and a number of regional areas. What sets our services apart is that we approach each individual as just that – an individual.

We work with the person, not the diagnosis, as this is shown to have the best results. All people are individuals and will need a different service than another person, even if they have the same diagnosis or disability.

As a result, we offer a range of services, and select the right support workers for a specific care programme that we will develop with the family of the individual up front. Our methods are designed to assist people with disabilities by engaging them and helping them to be active, so our programs often help with activities such as:

  • Learning to undertake tasks each day such as cooking and cleaning
  • Budgeting and living independently
  • Trying new hobbies
  • Decision making
  • Personal care
  • Assistance with shopping
  • Getting out to the community

As a result of our programs people with a disability will feel more independent and engaged, which is so important for promoting happiness and mental well-being. It’s not just about caring for a person; it’s important to give them purpose, goals and ambitions, and in facilitating that we are able to offer a leading in home disability care.

If you’re a carer for a person with a disability, and feel that you need in home disability services to help with your loved one, then contact us today. We offer disability support to individuals of all ages, and specialise in working with people with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability, ABI, psychosocial disability, mental health challenges, cerebral palsy and many more. In the initial engagement, before we start the care itself we will do a comprehensive engagement where we will get to know the family, individual and environment. From there we will assign a support worker appropriate to your circumstances, and develop a comprehensive program of care.

Our goal is to support, not replace, and throughout the care we will work closely with you to understand target outcomes and adjust the program as necessary.