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Disability Day Services in Australia

Day Services for Adults with Disability

At Nextt, we believe that learning is a life-long journey, which is why we offer day services for adults with disability. Working within the NDIS framework, our disability day services seek to empower adults with disability, live life to the fullest. We pride ourselves on getting to know you inside-out, so that we can work together to achieve your individual NDIS goals within a structured day program.

At our Nextt day services centres, you’ll be surrounded by trained Nextt staff and disability support workers, who work toensure that you are getting all the help you needto achieve your NDIS outcomes and reach your full potential.

Our clients

At Nextt, we service a range of people with disabilities and pride ourselves on working alongside them to get the most out of life. When it comes to our disability day services program, most of our clients are young adults who have autism and other developmental disabilities or diagnoses – some of whom may have participated in our early intervention programs.

As many disability services focus on helping children with disabilities, what makes this program unique is that we focus on providing day services for adults with disabilities, which enables them to continue learning and growing, as well as providing much-needed structure and purpose for their day-to-day lives.

Day Service programs and activities

Much like any NDIS-funded program, Nextt disability day services are shaped around each and every individual, helping them work towards the goals of their unique NDIS plan.

Our Nextt disability day servicescan help participants develop daily care skills, connect with others and connect with their community. The activities that they undertake help them develop in the key areas of the NDIS framework, including their core supports and capacity building programs.

While the program for each Nextt Day Services participant will vary, some of the activities they undertake may include:


Bladder care

Outdoor play

Developing travel skills

Pre work-based activities

Continence assistance

Group activities to develop social skills, such as bowling

Attending community-based events

Day Service hours

Our Nextt day service centres operate between 9am-3pm from Monday – Friday. This includes the time it takes for our service buses to transport clients to and from their homes.

Service areas

Currently, Nexttoperates three disability day service centres across Victoria. They are located in the following areas:
• Westmeadows
• Dingley
• Melton

Find out more

The Nextt team is full of highlyqualified professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds, including social work, allied health, mental health,disability support, working with families, dual diagnosis and autism.

If you’d like to find out more about capacity building NDIS programs at Nextt, call uson 1300 369 568 . Alternatively, click here to fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.