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‘It is a real privilege being allowed into someone’s life.’ Hear support worker Paula’s story.


When Paula was studying tourism at university in Peru and later working in customer service for Aeroperú, she could hardly…
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Here’s what the 15 NDIS support categories 2018 – 2019 can offer participants


When it comes to accessing NDIS funding, it’s important to know about the different NDIS support categories 2018 – 2019…
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Nextt’s support worker Laura impacting lives


Laura has been working at Nextt for the past two years and comes from a long line of carers. As…
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Nextt’s client David talks depression and breakthrough


David has suffered with depression for more than a decade; that’s a long time. It took years for him to…
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Nextt’s client Jack talks Mental Health


Fear can be crippling! It can keep you awake at night second guessing every noise you hear and can certainly make…
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Disability housing

Four things you probably didn’t know about disability housing


At Nextt, our aim for all our participants is to help them live happy, independent lives to the best of…
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Local area coordination NDIS success stories that we love


As a specialist in local area coordination NDIS support, the team at Nextt pride themselves on helping empower people with disability. One…
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‘What is capacity building?’ Common questions about the Nextt Steps program answered.


Capacity building programs are an integral way the NDIS helps people with a disability. If you’re a parent of a…
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NDIS capacity building

Five reasons why we believe in NDIS capacity building programs


The NDIS funding model is based on a capacity building framework and approach. What does that mean, and what is…
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Disability support coordination

Five ways you and your loved ones can benefit from disability support coordination


When it comes to disability support coordination, there are so many things to consider. From thinking about what goals you…
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