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Nextt launches new Skill Building Program to Newcastle NDIS participants

Nextt launches new Skill Building Program to Newcastle NDIS participants

The team at Nextt in Newcastle are excited to announce the launch of Nextt Steps, a new skill building program for school aged and young adult NDIS participants.

The program aims to pick up once early intervention ceases and assist participants to continue their journey toward a fulfilling and independent future. In conjunction with experienced allied health professionals, families and individuals are exercising their choice and control by identifying and working towards the goals that are relevant to them in their own environment.

What is Nextt Steps?

Nextt Steps is a capacity building program for NDIS participants aged 6 to 25 who wish to develop functional, meaningful skills. The team at Nextt are passionate about person-centred, goal-focused service provision and have developed Nextt Steps in line with these principles. We offer a comprehensive in home therapy program that is designed by professionals and implemented by skilled therapy assistants, trained in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The goals are individualised and selected in consultation with individuals and their families. The program is unique in that it is home and community based, allowing participants to learn skills at the point of performance, ensuring learning is more relevant and time efficient. A home based program also assists busy families juggle the demands of family life by removing the need to go elsewhere for therapy.

How does the program work?

Participants and their families will work with a Program Supervisor to develop an individual program that may include goals within several domains including self-care, household chores, accessing the community and social communication. Program Supervisors liaise with other services in the participant’s life, for example, teachers, therapists, psychologists or doctors, to ensure that the program is relevant and comprehensive. Skilled therapy assistants then deliver the program in the participant’s home and community under the supervision of the Program Supervisor. Data is taken by the therapists allowing the Program Supervisor to make informed decisions regarding how a skill is taught in order to ensure the teaching is appropriate and skills are being acquired.

How can I use my NDIS funding to access Nextt Steps?

Once a participant receives their NDIS plan, it can be tricky to work out how and where to use the funding. One of the huge benefits of Nextt Steps is that it has been designed with the NDIS in mind. This means that when accessing Nextt Steps, participants are able to combine their Core and Capacity Building funding, allowing them to get the most out of their NDIS package. Program Supervisors can fulfil the role of a Transdisciplinary Key Worker if there is funding for one in the plan.

Nextt is currently assisting a wide range of NDIS participants in the Newcastle area through the Nextt Steps program, including children and young adults with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome and on the autism spectrum. Our participants are becoming more independent and getting more out of life. If you think that you, your child or family member would benefit from a program that works with you and enables you to work on the goals you want to, please contact us and let us help make a difference in your family’s life. We can be contacted at the Nextt Newcastle office on 1300 657 915 alternatively fill in a web enquiry form.