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There is no place like a home for people to call their own. Nextt has a growing portfolio of support housing for people who have autism, a disability or face mental health challenges where they can be empowered to develop independence whilst living a meaningful life. Our specialist properties cater to all care needs, across transition, cluster homes or supported housing. They have been expertly designed to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in vibrant communities where family and friends are always welcome.

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Davidson, Sydney

Dernancourt, Adelaide

Wayville, Adelaide

Nextt considers the individual and family needs and are prepared to be flexible to make sure we end with the best fit.

John D
John D

The staff fit in like part of the family.

Susan T
Susan T

When we watch the worker engaging with our child it is evident that they are both enjoying each other’s company. You have no idea how much peace of mind that brings to us.

Stacey C
Stacey C

My worker makes me feel comfortable. He gets my sense of humour and that’s important to me.

Andrew R
Andrew R

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