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Introduction to Dementia Care

Introduction to Dementia Care

Dementia is not a single, specific disease, and there is a lot that is misunderstood about it, but it is something that needs to be taken seriously, and finding the best dementia care for patients is of paramount importance. It is caused by a collection of disorders that affect the brain. Dementia affects an individual’s thinking, behaviour, and ability to perform day-to-day tasks. It is a condition that, unfortunately, interferes with their work and social life.

Dementia is generally considered a disease of the elderly, and it is most common in people after the age of 65. That being said, it is not a normal part of aging, not everyone will develop dementia, and it is not unusual for people as young as 40 to start displaying the symptoms of the condition.

What are the early signs of dementia?

There are five key signs of dementia that should be looked out for. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the more quickly the symptoms can be treated and arrangements are put into place:

  • Frequent memory loss
  • Confusion
  • A change in personality
  • A withdrawal from normal social life
  • The inability to perform everyday tasks that were previously not an issue

Whilst there may be no cure for dementia, medications that can reduce the severity of symptoms, and support provided to help care for those suffering with dementia is of critical importance.

What can be done to help?

Dementia patients need specialised dementia care. There is a misconception that patients are always taken to a home for the elderly, but in many cases in home dementia care is achievable, and even more comfortable (and safe) for the patient.

If you are looking for a home care package, it’s important that you find a provider that has the heritage and expertise to provide the right assistance to family, friends, or other home carers. Over the years, many of the thousands of clients we have and continue to support have dementia. Nextt has developed the capabilities and understanding on how we can provide excellent quality in home dementia support for our clients.

What is important is that the patient feels comfortable, with a sense of the familiar. Dementia patients are prone to confusion to the unfamiliar, and that can cause fear, discomfort, stress, and lead to adverse health impacts. An experienced in home dementia care professional will help to maintain a sense of the familiar by giving clients the tools and resources that they need in order to stay in their home surrounded by their belongings and family, and this will create important continuity.

What services can help?

My Aged Care established by the Australian government offer government-funded Home Care Package services that can help families look after a member who is suffering from dementia. In addition, there are Self Managed Home Care Packages which give patients or their family members the option to choose, hire and schedule their own support workers. Alternatively, there are private services that are also available.

Speak to one of our local Case Managers to determine what the right step forward for your family is. They are always happy to listen and chat to discuss the process required to determine whether you are eligible to receive funding and the most appropriate services to support your needs.

Nextt offer services are available across Australia including: Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, or any of the other major cities. Wherever you might need support with dementia care, we are there to help.