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Accessing a Self Managed Home Care Package

Accessing a Self Managed Home Care Package

Self Managed Home Care Packages allow you or your love one to remain at home for as long as possible. Unlike standard Home Care Packages, you have control over the support and services you receive while living at home.

Through the partnership between Nextt and Better Caring, you have the ability to search for, connect with and directly hire support workers within your local area based on criteria that is important to you.

Why consider the self managed option at Nextt?

When you hire and schedule your support worker directly through the Better Caring portal, Nextt charges a lower administration fee which means you can get more value from your Self Managed Home Care Package. You will be able to use a larger proportion of your funds to purchase direct support and have more control over who you hire. Your Self Managed Home Care Package Case Manager at Nextt will continue to guide and support you. They will perform your initial and ongoing assessments as well as allow you to manage and control your supports.

To give you a better understanding of how to self manage your own Home Care Package, we have broken down the process in 4 steps:

Steps to secure a Self Managed Home Care Package

  • If you are over the age of 65 seeking aged support and coordinated services to help you or a love one to stay in their home, you may need a complementary Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment to determine whether you are eligible to receive a Home Care Package before choosing the Self Managed Home Care Package option.
  • Nextt can assist you to contact My Aged Care for an initial phone consultation to determine if an Aged Care Assessment Team assessment is required.
  • A member of your local Aged Care Assessment Team (may be a nurse, social worker or other health care professional) will come to visit you in your home to discuss how you are managing day-to-day and determine what services may be of assistance to you.
  • After assessment the Aged Care Assessment Team and My Aged Care will inform you of the outcome of your assessment and the level of care you are eligible for:
    • Level 1 Package – basic care needs
    • Level 2 Package – low-level care needs
    • Level 3 Package – intermediate care needs
    • Level 4 Package – high-level care needs
  • Nextt can provide Home Care Packages at all four levels of care
  • The Aged Care Assessment Team and My Aged Care will also provide you with written notice, your approval detailed and a support plan. Your approval details and numbers enable your nominated Self Managed Home Care Package provider to access your approval and support plan via the My Aged Care Portal. You can nominate Nextt as your provider before or after your Assessment. Nextt can arrange for a Case Manager to visit you before, or after your Aged Care Assessment Team assessment and can assist at each stage of the process.\
  • Call Nextt on 1300 369 568 and ask to speak with a Home Care Package Case Manager to get started
  • Our experienced Case Managers are always happy to listen and chat with you. You can discuss your service needs and determine if you would like to proceed with a home visit or not.
  • Contact Nextt who will assist you to arrange an agreement with Better Caring and set up your own account to allow you to:
    1. Search for a support worker
    2. Choose one who you believe is most suitable
    3. Contact them directly
    4. Communicate your needs and how you want to be supported
    5. Discuss and agree on a rate
    6. If you are satisfied with your choice of support worker, hire them through your Better Caring account
    7. Schedule your weekly services
    • Once you have confirmed your choice of support worker and rate through your Better Caring account and you have created your support plan, you will begin your services provided by Nextt as your nominated Self Managed Home Care Package provider.
    • Your Self Managed Home Care Package Case Manager will have regular contact with you to monitor your service satisfaction and review and adjust your support plans and service needs when needed.

Below are some of the services you can select from:

  • Personal services: such as help with showering or bathing, dressing and grooming, mobility, transfers (including in and out of bed) and continence management, nutrition and meal preparation
  • Domestic Support services: such as help with washing and ironing, house cleaning, gardening, basic home maintenance, home modifications related to your needs
  • Clinical Care services: such as nursing and other health support including physiotherapy (exercise, mobility, strength and balance), services of a speech therapist or dietician (nutrition assessment, food and nutrition advice, dietary changes) and hearing and vision services.
  • Social Support services: such as companionship, social outings, activities and adventures and transport to help you complete shopping, visit your doctor or attend social activities.

Call one of our Case Managers on 1300 369 568 who will take the time to talk to you about how you can self manage your own Home Care Package.